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Spectral Denoising for MR Spectroscopy using Noise Level Function
Biomedical Image Processing; Neuroengineering
Multi-muscle Force Estimation using Data Fusion and HD-sEMG: an Experimental Study
Biomedical Signals; Biomechanics
Separation and localization of EHG sources using tensor models
Biomedical Signals; Biomedical Image Processing
The European project Digi-NewB: The status after One year and half
Biomedical Signals; Biomedical Image Processing
IoT for the quality of life of elderly. A case study: Silver@Home
Entropy and symmetry a new insight
Biomedical Signals
Empowering Connected Health through Smart Embedded Devices and IoT
Human gait characterization and movement assistance using wearable robots
Brain disorders: A network perspective from dense Electroencephalography
The emerging field of clinical Bioinformatics: Infrastructure, analytical tools, and knowledge bases
Medolution a European Research Project for enhancing the self management and follow up of Parkinson Patients
Chibani Abdelghani (UPEC University, France)
How can artificial intelligence estimate your age, predict or rejuvenate your face appearance?
Biomedical Image Processing; Biometrics
System Identification as a searchlight for Neuronal Modeling
Biomechanics of Biomimetic and Bioinspired Systems
Innovation inspired by Nature
Karim EL Kirat (Sorbonne University, Université de Technologie de Com-piègne, France)















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